8) News_480x640


News 48x36 - I wanted to make a statement about how news is so negative and has taken over our lives. If you notice that everyone in the painting is looking at news of some kind, (I used white to draw your attention to it,) the girl on the computer watching news, lady holding news paper and man beside her is reading his news, people in the building watching TV news about a storm, and a man praying for positive guidance, but the priest himself is caught up in the news of day. The building levels represents the stock market falling, The man throwing papers out the window is a symbol of both his falling investments and removal of newspapers out of his life that carries these images. As I put the dates on the various buildings, it is depicting both the past, present, stock crises and the future stock market starting to go up, the symbol of the stairs is use to show this as well. The building is also used as a graph that makes you aware of both the water pollution and the depleting levels of it. (So the white F and E depict that point). A crack on the building represents our instability. The words doom and gloom as stated in the large newspaper at bottom of the painting, is the over all negative theme of the painting, as the news has touched each of us in some way of dramatizing events, with a cross skull and cross bones image enforces that. Also an image of the hourglass on the news page represents time is running out for us.