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Now residing in Charlottetown PE

Artist’s Statement

I relish cultural activities at home and abroad, and find that traveling enriches both my life and my art. The vibrancy of colour and texture in locations such as Peru and Mexico infuses my own colour palette, particularly within my abstract paintings.

Throughout most of my career, I have painted in a realist or ‘natural’ style, depicting scenic landscapes, people and imagery characteristic of the beautiful places I have visited and lived.

I delight in participating in cultural events at home and abroad, and both my life and my art have been enriched through my travels across many diverse landscapes. The vibrancy of colour and texture in places like Peru and Mexico, for instance, infused my personal colour palette with the warmth and passion of their distinctive terrains. And my creative psyche responded with bold and vivid abstract paintings.


Clow's first job as a photographer was in 2007 when she worked for Life Touch Photography taking school photos. Photography is a wonderful and creative outlet in which Clow captures “moments in time” as a professional photographer for weddings, different local events, non profit organizations such as the Big Bike Race of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and in past theater performances at the Yarc (Yarmouth Regional Art Center.) Her photographs have been published in 2003 Heritage House of Nova Scotia, local newspapers and won photo various contests. Companies, such as Staples Store in Yarmouth also use her photos. Clow was the photographer for Yarmouth and Acadien Shores Tourism Magazine 2010 edition. Her photo was also selected to be in the Canadian Wildlife Federation 2014 Calendar. As a visual artist for over 30 years, photography has been a powerful influence on Clow’s art.

In 2013, Clow lived in British Columbia, which ignited yet another dimension of her creativity, in response to the majestic grandeur of the mountains, valleys and waterways. She has since moved to Yarmouth Nova Scotia

With time restraints, she found herself picking up the camera more often then her paint brushes. She always has enjoyed taking photographs and they aided her in the creation of detailed paintings, but only recently has it turned into a vibrant and successful photography business.

During the summer of 2014, Clow had a second Studio Gallery downtown Main Street in Yarmouth. In 2014 Exhibition of photos at the Waterfront Gallery in Yarmouth.

In 2014 Clow was presented with a certificate ( resolution) from The Members of The House Of Assembly, moved by Zach Churchill MLA Yarmouth , that acknowledge Clows' contribution to the artistic community and Nova Scotia. 2015 Clow had successful photo exhibition at Th'YARC (The Yarmouth Arts Regional Centre).

In 2015, Clow had a gallery with both her photography and paintings on Main Street in Yarmouth for the summer months. During 2016, Clow was a photographer for "Dreams Take Flight" which is a national volunteer charitable organization dedicated to providing a trip of a lifetime to special children.

2018 Managing Sealand gallery with two locations, downtown Charlottetown and at Charlottetown Seaport which was a wonderful opportunity to promote my art as well as other artists and crafters.

For a month, 2019, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I did a art residency at Com Peung which is the longest ongoing independent artist residency in Thailand.

I also volunteered to teach art to a non profit group that helped pregnant women to have their babies and retrained them called Tribal Asian Missionary .

In Chiang Mai, for a short time period, I apprenticed with a very known architect learning how they make massive statues for temples with concrete mortar and metal (that was overseen by the monks. )

In Siem Reap, Cambodia at Future Opportunity Kbalromeas. ( Donation funded ) I experienced teaching English and also sharing art to the students.

Being employed, by Universal Portrait Studios in 2019, in New Brunswick, was a wonderful way to use photography talents.

Clow feels that in return for the gifts that has been bestowed on her, she donates a percentage of my sales to the local food bank.